martes, 10 de julio de 2007

El Último Paseo a Caballo Juntos

Ayer, releyendo Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (qué se le va a hacer, me gustan esos libros) me acordé de Robert Browning y del poema que dejo a continuación. (Ya hemos hablado en otro momento de su mujer Elizabeth Barrett, con la que se casó en secreto). En el siguiente post dejaré la traducción (de un libro que ahora no tengo delante y no recuerdo la editorial).

The Last Ride Together by Robert Browning

I said---Then, dearest, since 'tis so,
Since now at length my fate I know,
Since nothing all my love avails,
Since all, my life seemed meant for, fails,
Since this was written and needs must be---
My whole heart rises up to bless
Your name in pride and thankfulness!
Take back the hope you gave,---I claim
---Only a memory of the same,
---And this beside, if you will not blame,
Your leave for one more last ride with me.


My mistress bent that brow of hers;
Those deep dark eyes where pride demurs
When pity would be softening through,
Fixed me, a breathing-while or two,
With life or death in the balance: right!
The blood replenished me again;
My last thought was at least not vain:
I and my mistress, side by side
Shall be together, breathe and ride,
So, one day more am I deified.
Who knows but the world may end tonight?


Then we began to ride. My soul
Smoothed itself out, a long-cramped scroll
Freshening and fluttering in the wind.
Past hopes already lay behind.
What need to strive with a life awry?
Had I said that, had I done this,
So might I gain, so might I miss.
Might she have loved me? just as well
She might have hated, who can tell!
Where had I been now if the worst befell?
And here we are riding, she and I.


Fail I alone, in words and deeds?
Why, all men strive and who succeeds?
We rode; it seemed my spirit flew,
Saw other regions, cities new,
As the world rushed by on either side.
I thought,---All labour, yet no less
Bear up beneath their unsuccess.
Look at the end of work, contrast
The petty done, the undone vast,
This present of theirs with the hopeful past!
I hoped she would love me; here we ride.


And yet---she has not spoke so long!
What if heaven be that, fair and strong
At life's best, with our eyes upturned
Whither life's flower is first discerned,
We, fixed so, ever should so abide?
What if we still ride on, we two
With life for ever old yet new,
Changed not in kind but in degree,
The instant made eternity,---
And heaven just prove that I and she
Ride, ride together, for ever ride?

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mary shelley dijo...

No te digo qué libro estoy releyendo porque también es "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince".

Qué le voy a hacer, me gustan esos libros.

Prueba número un millón de nuestro almagemelismo.


Silverado dijo...

yo además tengo un problema. Si me gusta un libro no puedo parar de leer y al final me acuesto a las tantas de la madrugada.

Así estoy, que llevo dos días muerto de sueño.

Vuelve pronto